Haruko Okano. STUDIO WORK 8

2014 Engagemeant collaboration with Tiki Mulvihill Engagemeant Collaboration, 2014
‘ENGAGEMEANT’ was an exhibition of collaborative works, which began when our Art is Land Network/AILN group simply picked names out of a hat to pair randomly with another (or in one case two others) we may not have previously worked with. It became a process of discovering common sensibilities, preferences of materials, willingness to compromise, diverse insights, and abilities to problem solve within a unit.
Tiki Mulvihill and I teamed up to create Tournezla la Manivelle 2014, this kinetic, viewer activated installation as one of the duo teams in this first part of the Engagemeant collaboration. Engagemeant was both an exhibition, and a fund raiser for our year long residency in 2015 called “Conduit” . Engagemeant was exhibited at Capilano College in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.
The video clip by Haruko captures our first test of Tournezla la Manivelle in Tiki’s studio. The piece is totally made from found, recycled materials. Guests were invited to crank the handle on the side while others accompany on the toy piano.
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