Haruko Okano. STUDIO WORK 6

2010 How Best to Serve Man How Best to Serve Man, 2010
Medium: Mixed medium combined with natural materials contributed by businesses in Pachuca,and Real del Monte, Mexico Dimensions: Kinetic viewer interactive space requirements: 8’dia x 6’H Based on a science fiction movie of the same title, this installation integrates foods eaten by us as the basis for serving up mankind. It attempts to remind us that we are what we eat, that we must remain vigilant in understanding the interconnected- ness between humanity and nature... the source of our well being.

2010 I am Dreaming I am Dreaming, 2010
Medium: The red earth of Huasca, found and repurposed materials, paper cast figure and obsidian. Dimensions: 4’W x 7.5’L x 6’H
Inspired by the photo essay on immigrants, created by Cesar Damian. I Am Dreaming is set in motion, traversing back and forth between Mexico (represented by the pile of obsidian) and America (represented by the American flag).